Archived Projects

Interested in starting your own project but not sure how to get started? 

YSEC has several currently inactive projects that could use some help to get back off of the ground!


The sustainabiliTeas project is a series of college teas on the themes of environmentalism and sustainability to introduce new conversations to campus and get more people involved. We are working with the college sustainability liaisons to invite speakers of all kinds to campus. In the fall, hosted a tea with Marla Marcum from the Climate Defense Project; in the Spring, we co-hosted a tea with Hopper with nuclear engineer Leslie Dewan.

Years Active: 2019-2020
Past Project Head: Sophie Latham '21

Environmental Humanities

The "Environmental Humanities and Storytelling project" has two main heads: the environmental art magazine and the thrift store. For the environmental art magazine, we are announcing the opening of submissions very soon, and those will be due December 2. Submissions include poetry, short fiction, short nonfiction, art, photography — all intersectional art forms that deal either directly or indirectly with the speaker's relationship to the environment or the human's role in the "natural world." These submissions will be compiled into a physical short magazine that will be available at the YCC climate summit in February. For the thrift store, we are currently looking to partner with the Slifka Center's sustainability fellowship and possibly open a pop-up shop for a couple days at the end of the semester. All items would be $1.

Years Active: 2019-2020
Past Project Head: Anna Wilkinson '22

Bee Space

Yale Bee Space is a student beekeeping and bee appreciation group. Our name comes from the term “bee space” coined by Yale alum L. L. Langstroth, the inventor of the modern Langstroth beehive, to describe the natural spacing between honeycomb layers in a hive. We aim to educate students about the practice of beekeeping and lead workshops related to bees, honey and derived products. In addition to caring for farmed bees, we hope to raise awareness and appreciation of wild American bees. Learn more about Bee Space’s initiatives and goals on their website.

Years Active: 2013-2019
Past Project Head: Adriana Colón Adorno ‘20


Sparked by the development of Yale's Center for Engineering, Innovation, and Design (CEID), the Yale (Undergraduate) 3-D Printing Organization lies at the intersection of engineering and environmentalism. A prior YSEC coalition group, Y3PO's aims were to spread education about the expanding world of 3-D printing and tackle ambitious projects utilizing the technology.  Projects like the Lyman filament extruder reflect the ways environmentalism has guided much of the group’s work,  as the members reimagined how materials, such as plastics, could be recycled back into useful material for 3-D printing. Visit their website to read more about their history, including past engineering projects.


Situated at the intersection of environmentalism and social justice, Greenish uplifts individuals' narratives and oral histories from POC and other underrepresented groups to make environmental dialogues and advocacy more inclusive. Through interviewing activities and collaborating with local high school students, Greenish works to change the face of environmentalism. Contact YSEC to help spark the Greenish movement.

City Atlas

Founded by Yale alum Richard Reiss, City Atlas: New Haven is an environmental news website and past YSEC coalition group. The site focuses on spreading environmental communication through the New Haven area, covering content ranging from environmental stories to news, community events, and interviews. Help revive the New Haven site and create a more open environment dialogue within the New Haven community and beyond. Get involved in the City Atlas: New Haven movement here, and stay connected on Facebook.

Yale Food Action

A past YSEC coalition group, focusing on environmentalism through the lens of nutrition, hunger, and food sustainability. This impactful organization has engaged in food systems symposium, petitions, and political advocacy to change food policies beyond New Haven boundaries. Look into their past projects and events here.

Conservation Yale

Conservation Yale, a past member of the YSEC organization, focuses on hands-on, New Haven-based environmental projects, specifically habitat protection and urban green space conservation field work. Read more about this organization's work on their Facebook page.


EnviroAdvocates, a past political arm and member of YSEC, is a project group involved in environmental advocacy. One of its major successes was its development of a model pipeline on Cross Campus made from dining hall ice cream cartons, coupled with a petition opposing the pipeline that would be sent to Obama. Read more about this project in YDN's "Yalies join national pipeline protest" article.

Decarbonization Challenge Yale

Decarbonization Challenge Yale encourages Yale students, alumni, and faculty to decrease carbon pollution. The challenge's goal is to decarbonize virtually all Yale alumni lifestyles by 8% per year. Members intend to educate the Yale community about the impacts of carbon emissions on the environment and encourage individuals to make a more concerted effort towards reducing their carbon footprint. Learn more about their carbon proposal and projects on their website.

Some other ideas...

Habitat Restoration Project

New Haven has some wonderful green spaces and shorelines, perhaps this is an opportunity to start a ecosystem management service project.

Green Sprouts Project

YSEC has a ton of educational slides on various environmental topics that can be used to create a general model or curriculum to be adapted for elementary schools across the country.