Within New Haven 

Environmentalism in New Haven is vibrant and multi-faceted. From planting more trees to equalizing access to bikes and advocating for political change, individuals and organizations across the city are working to improve environmental justice in manifold ways. 

It is vital for us to establish a relationship between YSEC and the broader Yale community as an ally amongst local organizations - whilst recognizing that most Yale students are sojourners among the many long-term residents of the city. By developing these partnerships, we hope to facilitate the existing work that is being done, driven by the people who know the city best. 


Some projects we are working on include:

  1.  Working with the New Haven Climate Movement push the city to set up a Climate Change Task Force to help the city reach its carbon reduction goals. 

  2. Building links with environmental political advocacy groups to engage Yale students in the upcoming election. 

  3. Compiling a list of environmental organizations within New Haven and Connecticut that are accepting summer interns to aid environmentally-minded students who are looking for these opportunities.

Interested in getting involved with this? Reach out to our New Haven Outreach Coordinator, Tracy Zhou at tracy.zhou@yale.edu!


Environmental problems extend far beyond Yale and even New Haven. That's why we believe it is essential for Yale students to engage with environmental issues on a global scale.

YSEC is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit and an observer NGO at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, having sent a delegation to COP 24 (Katowice, Poland) in 2018 and on schedule to send a delegation to COP 25 (Santiago, Chile) in December 2019.  Over the years, YSEC has won multiple external awards for its work and its contributions to the global good.

Our International Relations Chair is responsible for organizing the annual trip to the United Nations Conference of the Parties climate summit (COP) where Yale students attend plenary gatherings, side panels, and other events, explore local culture, and meet incredible environmental activists and leaders from around the world. Applications open every fall and the trip usually takes place during reading week. After returning projects for the climate summit, students are required to complete a project related to their interests to sum up their experiences and spread their learnings with other students on campus.


Due to COVID-19, COP 26 which was set to take place in Glasgow in November 2020 has been postponed to 2021. For any questions about COP or partnerships to highlight international climate work, reach out!

Check out what we've done in the past: