The Compost Bin Project

YSEC x Peels & Wheels Composting

The Compost Bin Project aims to expand access to composting services at Yale and encourage individual initiative in sustainability through organic waste diversion. We are excited to offer students a subsidized subscription plan for weekly compost pickup by Peels & Wheels, a New Haven-based compost collection operation!

NOTE: YSEC currently funds this program for off-campus Yale students in New Haven only.

For information on what materials are acceptable for composting, please visit the Peels & Wheels FAQ page here. Please email the project head Verenice Torres '23 ( for any questions.

Details & Sign-up

*Participants receive a 5-gallon bin with a lid for organic waste collection.

*April 2021 will be the last month for subsidized compost pickup through our program for all participants. You are more than welcome to keep your subscription plan with Peels & Wheels, of course!

*The monthly fee will remain consistent for the duration of the program, even if you choose to skip a weekly pickup (e.g. you will be temporarily away from New Haven).

​Steps for signing up:

  1. You will be redirected to the Peels & Wheels sign up page. Scroll to the bottom and insert your address. If they service your address, click on "Sign up". It will take you to the customer registration form.

  2. Sign up using your email address under "Account Information" so we can verify that you are a Yale student.

  3. Select that you would like to pay monthly under "Service Setup" and opt for weekly pickup service ($30.56 USD/month).

  4. Input your payment information under "Confirm & Pay". You will be charged $20.76 at the end of each month for the duration of this program.