Our Projects

The Green Fleet Project

Project Head: Michael Adeyi '22

The Green Fleet Project is a proposed initiative to reduce the carbon footprint of Yale’s vehicle fleet by having the University’s electric vehicles run off solar power. A small team of students led by Project Chair Michael Adeyi is being finalized, and current members are split into two teams, one focusing on electric vehicles and the other focusing on solar panels. Teams are currently conducting preliminary research into the makeup of the Yale fleet and potential sites for a solar array on campus. The Directors of the Yale Fleet and the Energy Management department have expressed enthusiasm and support for the project, so the team is energized and committed to creating as thorough a proposal as possible.

If you're interested in our project, you're welcome to join our project team! If you would like to get involved or have questions, please email the project head (michael.adeyi@yale.edu) and he will get back to you shortly.

The Environmentalist

Project Head: Andy Xie '21

The Environmentalist is an undergraduate publication centered on sustainability and environmental topics, broadly defined. Our mission is to foster interdisciplinary discourse on, analysis of, and engagement with sustainability and environmental issues at Yale - and beyond. To do so, The Environmentalist engages student writing ranging from long-form essays and analytical pieces to environmental humanities and photography. In addition to publishing work from across the College, we maintain a dedicated team of writers on staff to craft opinion pieces, book reviews, and climate stories. Check out our latest pieces!

If you have questions please email the project head (andy.xie@yale.edu) and he will get back to you shortly.

Researching and Writing

Yale Refrigerants Project 

Project Head: Tilden Chao '23

The Yale Refrigerants Initiative is a grant-funded project run through the Yale College Council and the Yale Student Environmental Coalition. The project's primary objective is to improve refrigeration management practices for Yale College mini-fridges at the administrative, technical, and student level to reduce energy and environmental impact. 


Student volunteers will divide into three teams, each working on their own objective:

1)    Increasing use of low-global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants, introducing robust leak detection, and improving hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerant reclamation practices;
2)    Phasing out HFC refrigerants in student mini-fridges by spring 2025 using policy initiatives and economic incentives; and
3)    Receiving EPA GreenChill certification for Yale’s Central Kitchen by spring 2022.


If you're interested in this project, we'd love to have you on the project team! Please email the project head (tilden.chao@yale.edu) and he will get back to you shortly.